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This interactive documentary was made as a methodological experiment. It forms part of the thinking I undertook towards my PhD thesis entitled “Re-Imagining Space-Time in the Temporary City”. The thesis explores ways in which space-time is imagined and (re)produced by pop-up culture in contemporary London and interrogates the politics of those imaginaries. For me, the ‘nonlinear’ architecture of interactive documentary makes it a great medium through which to think about pop-up’s own ‘nonlinear’ imaginations of space-time as immersive, flexible, interstitial, secret and surprising.

My academic publications on pop-up and interactive documentary are listed here

Other, journalistic, publications and social media outputs about interactive documentary and pop-up by (and co-produced by) me include:


Making of the iDoc

The footage and images in this i-Doc were shot and edited by myself as part of my PhD research. The ‘architecture’ of the i-Doc was designed and developed alongside my written thinking as a way to understand and communicate pop-up space-time. The creation of the interface was made possible by Michael Skelly who coded the i-Doc from scratch and helped me to turn my take on the temporary city into a ‘playable’ experience.

Thanks to

This project was made possible with funding from:

And from the Social, Cultural and Historical Geography Research Group at Royal Holloway University.

Huge thanks are also due to Michael Skelly for his time, generosity and expertise in making the i-Doc and to Harriet Hawkins for her excellent guidance and supervision during my PhD.

Other imaginations of the Temporary City

This i-Doc and the above publications are just my take on pop-up! Here are some other resources and opinions that could form a starting point for your own investigations.

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